Thief Receives 18 Month Prison Sentence For Stealing 18 Oranges

A thief will now spend a year and a half behind bars for stealing 18 oranges.

He was handed the harsh sentence earlier this week in the Spanish Town RM court and was sentenced by Resident Magistrate Simone Maddix.

“So you need to get another shock treatment? And it’s my job to give it and leave my mother to pray for my soul. I have to do this job and do it well,” said the RM.

The man , Aldean Brown, pleaded guilty to praedial larceny after it was alleged that he stole 18 oranges from a tree on the complainant’s premises.

Aldean’s efforts to justify his actions by claiming he was hungry did not serve him well. “I think it’s more greed than hunger. If it was one or two oranges, but you were stopped at 18. How can you reap what you never sow?” RM Maddix asked.

“You will have a long time of reflection and you should embrace a level of honesty,” RM Maddix concluded.

Was this a harsh sentence? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Loop Jamaica

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Henry Bacchas

A thief he might be but eighteen months in jail the man plead guilty thus not wasting your court time $1800 would sound like a shocking fine

Neville Bassey

Well these kind of thing are need we need more judge like that , we as yard people need to understand that we must respect others and other people belongings and property, strict and stern message need to be drilled in there heads to bring the society back together. great job Rm.

Andrew Parker

Get real. Unless this man is a habitual criminal on probation this is dramatic overkill and an abuse of judicial discretion. Community service would make a lot more sense.

Elaine Brooks

And Kern Spencer walks away.

Henry Bacchas

Mr baddie that’s petty crime look at the numerous crimes committed by people in high places but they walk free or with a slap on the wrist more than likely this man lacked a decent legal council

Henry Bacchas

Community service probation are all effective punishment if I was to press charges on all who stole my oranges half my community would be locked up according to this judge judge go get a life that’s a miscarriage of justice . It angers me a lot to see such abuse of power especially from a judge

Sheila Bryan

He should serve the time.Bravo to this judge.We complain every day that pra
edial thieves are not getting tough enough sentences… if, they are caught.This should serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to reap what they did not sow.

Abiola Jomilogu

The sentence is ridiculously ott, the magistrate statement that if it was a few oranges her sentencing would be different is BS, amongst other thing that Jamaican needs is a judicial review board to examine judges verdict.

Clinton English Ferguson

Ridiculous, now the taxpayers have to feed him. He must be a repeat offender.

Clifton Murray

This is a abuse of power.not a
Bag but 18 I could see if this man is a every day thief

Dalton Brown

he deserve what he get, a thief is just a thief, they must see people things and leave it alone, he should get 18 yrs