Teenager Wanted in Brutal McDonald’s Viral Video Caught Attempting to Fly To Jamaica

Image via en.wikipedia.org
Image via en.wikipedia.org

A teenager who was a part of a group of girls who carried out a vicious attack on another girl in the United States was reportedly nabbed by police after attempting to flee the country to Jamaica.

A graphic video showing a group of teenage girls viciously attacking a 15-year-old girl at a Brooklyn McDonald’s surfaced on the internet a few days ago and has since gone viral.

According to The Daily Beast, the girl was traced to a flight that was about to take off from Atlanta to Jamaica.

The plane had begun taxing to the runway for take-off when it was called back to the gate.


“She was on the plane with her mother,” a police official later reported.

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Leslie Philp
8 years ago

Sweet. Young criminal in the making.

Loren Ren Radcliffe
8 years ago

The mom should be charged as well.

MaryAnn Durant
8 years ago

sounds like the mother was aiding & abetting

Janice Mishka
8 years ago

Good. She so bad, why run

Maxine Duncan
8 years ago

When I saw the McDonald’s video,I was so outraged,hope they caught all who were involved in this.wicked n coward they are kicking the girl while she lay motionless on the ground unable to fight back

Andrea Angie Tater
8 years ago

Who knows what Jamaican parents do with these out of control kids is take them to Jamaica and give them a village ass whooping starting from grandma all the way down because we can’t do this here in the U.S., but I still do, this is” child abuse ” and parents go to jail. So it’s either the police shoot them or they follow bad company or gangs I’m of the premise that if yuh mek yuh bed yuh haffi lidong inna it. I tell my kids if you end up in jail nuh badda look fi mi come visit.… Read more »