Cheating Women Are the Reason Men Don’t Trust Females

Last night I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine and during our girl talk we were comparing ideologies expressed by some men that women could not be trusted in relationships because so many females cheat on their partners with them.

She claims that her man finds it rather hard to believe that women can be committed and faithful in a relationship because he has managed in the past to sleep with so many females who are supposedly in relationships.

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His opinion was not far fetched. There are many men on a less intense scale that share the same notion that women cannot be trusted. They blame married women and females in common law unions who willingly offer themselves to attractive men on the grounds of experience or recreation.

But men cheat. They do it all the time and women will still date them and entertain hopes of a committed relationships. Women are of the opinion that men are far more inclined to cheat than women. Women will say all men are dogs but still have hopes of finding a good man.


A male friend expressed that a woman’s cheating is different from that of a man. He contends that it often involves some level of emotional entanglement. Women in relationships are sometimes very jealous of their “joe grind”. He states that a man will have sex with a female without possessing strong feelings for her. He asserts that this is the reason why a woman cheating on her man is far more damning than a man committing infidelity.

Is it fair for some men to think that all women are the same? To generalize every female as unfaithful is not only sexist but a fragmental perspective.

It might be easier for some men to paint all women as bad. It justifies cheating and promiscuity. Some men will say they won’t settle down because they cannot find a good woman. Some will say “they are all harlots why not treat them as such and not give them a commitment.”

There are still good girls out there as there are good men who embrace the tenets of monogamy. Maybe some of our men need to re-evaluate where they are looking and what they are searching for. Can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.

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Crystal Evans

Crystal Evans was born in Westmoreland Jamaica. She is the author of several books centered on her experiences growing up in rural Jamaica and the Jamaican cultural nucleus. She is a voracious reader.

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Evon Bennett
8 years ago

Very interesting observation the bottom line is that women today have stayed from the original concept of what makes a woman a lady because of financial evolution they are more concerned with survival than finesse while in some cases they can’t be blamed they forget the sacredness of a woman’s body with the ability to produce life they are a part of creation greatest gift as only God create life.

Joanne Salomon
Joanne Salomon
1 year ago
Reply to  Evon Bennett

Are you serious so you guys feel disrespected what about when you and your woman lives together and bitches AKA female friends constantly calling you for favors like driving them to their jury duty explain that man it’s ok for you so that means your woman is garbage and you’re allowing this but why the hoe isn’t sleeping by your side and most of the time ladies his friends know. The other day me and my man was going out hes jamaican he was waiting in the car the friend looked stunned to see me like you have a beautiful… Read more »

Joanne Salomon
Joanne Salomon
1 year ago
Reply to  Joanne Salomon

And because the friend saw that he was disrespectful so the guy was like hi ,hey my people its just to show you how our black men are ,I cook 3meals for this nigga I’m working, nothing is dead in the bedroom he gets pumpum without no question women hardly give a shit their wining up at clubs on next man good I praise them, oh if you only knew and I’m his breed I’m a natural American guyanese Haitian, Bangladesh mixture so really yo I’m different brothers and sisters I’m putting this bitch on blast who has no respect… Read more »

Dave Clarke
8 years ago

Cheating men are the reasons why women don’t trust men. The operative word is ‘cheating’ and until we all, as adults, see that sex is just that; sex, we will keep having this conversation. Sex, like a really good dinner date, is about intimacy. There are soooooo many people that I wouldn’t share the same time and space with because they are NOT my type. People should become friends first and then intimate. But then, I am talking about REAL people and they are few and far between.

Joanne Salomon
Joanne Salomon
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave Clarke

Personally Dave if a man doesn’t respect his lady at the end if she’s vex all the time I feel they should have a discussion about whether to continue such disgusting disgrace of a humiliation and choose the bitch that your taste but don’t be living with me and lusting and get vex if I have Male friends calling me there are too many diseases out here don’t fuck with that womans health go by your business and let me wait for that gentlemen that god has created for me .I don’t like anyone especially the man I’m with making… Read more »

Relpha Riley
8 years ago

Men is the reason why woman cheat reason they do thing to u without caring if it hurt u or not woman can’t cheat with themselves a man would come and put guestion to u u say i am not single and they dont stop at that

C.j. 'Laminin' Kerr
8 years ago

The question is who do these men cheat with? Certainly not other men in this context… so if it’s another woman he cheats with… isn’t she also cheating if she in a relationship already? Unless it is that the women the men cheat with are all unattached…? Point is it nuh lean to one gender it happens on both sides. What might be taking place is that women will share that they have been cheated on compared to men who might not discover that they have been cheated on or would not want to share such ’embarrassment’ . Therefore it… Read more »

Daley Rock Humble Tarra

Some man and woman cheating on each other a lot just money paper visa they want that all .

C.j. 'Laminin' Kerr
8 years ago

Probably too why it seem women get away with it is because i don’t think a man wants to really find out if his woman is cheating… Because there is something about it that gets to us especially when we trust… Our ego can become damaged because knowing you ‘lose’ her to some one else… You were not in sole ‘possession’ of the goods

Kevin Benzie Campbell
7 years ago

Any woman sleep with more than man in her life time , is not a virtuous woman , and is therefore consider an harlot . A virgin is a virtuous woman that is pure and clean , when a woman sleep with more one man she doesn’t cheat on the man she’s with . But she cheat on her self because she commit the act of a harlot,,