An Alleged Child Rapist is Being Portrayed as a Victim – Really?

I am AMAZED truly I am, to see gay rights advocates take the video of the man who who reportedly raped a seven year old being beaten by a mob, and say that the man was beaten because he was gay. 

It speaks volumes..

While many may not agree with vigilante justice, to know that a child was RAPED, TRAUMATIZED, AND VICTIMIZED by a grown man, and none of these so called advocates came out in his defense, but are quick to run with a story saying his RAPIST was beaten because he was gay, boils my blood.

So am I to take it that the lives of homosexuals are more IMPORTANT than the lives of our CHILDREN?


Did these so called advocates take the time to investigate what happened before they were quick to paint a picture which once again would DEPICT Jamaicans as being HOMOPHOBIC?

My GOD a 7 year old child has to live with this horror for the rest of his life, and this is the story these people are running with?


Michelle Bradshaw

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