The Issue of Decent Health Care in Jamaica

The issue of decent healthcare in Jamaica is one which needs to be addressed.

A couple weeks ago I asked what would the JLP do differently as it relates to HEALTH CARE in Jamaica IF they should win the next election, as clearly the present government has failed MISERABLY on that issue.

I am still waiting on an answer that makes sense.

Day by day we hear of fellow Jamaicans being refused care, dying in hospital waiting rooms, having to wait years for surgery, of hospitals lacking the necessary equipment needed to save lives, where patients have to supply even their own gloves, cotton, etc.


The recent case of Shakera Facey really touched my heart. Shakera, a poor 19 year old Jamaican girl had a huge mass growing on her shoulder for months and despite numerous visits to private doctors and hospitals was unable to get a proper diagnosis.

Shakera with her father - Image Source:
Shakera with her father – Image Source:

After getting the gruesome news that she had bone cancer that had spread to her lungs, she was reportedly told by a doctor at the Spanish Town hospital “you suppose to do the chemo because it is a 50/50 chance. You know what name ‘kick the bucket’? You can dead anytime”.

It’s hard to fathom a physician actually speaking to a terminally ill teenager in this manner.

So at what point as JAMAICANS do we stand up and say NO MORE OF THIS?

When our POLITICIANS have health issues, the first thing they do is SEEK HELP OVERSEAS.

What does that tell US JAMAICANS about our HEALTH CARE SYSTEM?

Many of these HOSPITALS are so DISGUSTING that they honestly will make you SICK if GOD forbid you should be admitted there and are lucky enough to get a BED.

It’s 2015 and is this where we are as a COUNTRY that even BASIC HEALTH CARE IS LACKING? 

So many people Jamaicans are suffering and all we can do is jump on POLITICAL BAND WAGONS in favor of the politician(s) we LOVE or whom we think will part the SEA OF IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY and LEAD us to the MOUNTAIN where we will drink COFFEE and eat cheese? SERIOUSLY?

We are indeed a lost people.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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