Kaci Fennell Carnival Photo Draws Harsh Criticism Online

A few weeks ago it was former Miss World, Lisa Hanna who sparked major controversy online after posting a picture of herself in swimwear on the beach.

Now it is Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell who is receiving harsh criticism from many for her choice of attire at Trinidad Carnival 2015.

Many seemingly believe her outfit of choice was highly inappropriate.

Persons wasted no time to share their views on various social media platforms..


Here are a few of their comments:

Lecroft Carridice

“Why she have to dress like that to gain some attention from you the public? Showing off your naked self don’t change what the world think”

Camella Taylor

“Please don’t go out dressed like that… you are miss universe in the eyes of Jamaicans and that outfit in pubic is not becoming of any miss universe”

Cally Hayes

“oooh nooo please take this picture down asap. looks too sleezy like a street walker… this pic doesnt depict the classy Kaci that represented JA a few weeks ago”


Sassiebabe Johnson

No that’s a lingerie girl. Pls don’t represent my country wearing that.”

Was Kaci’s attire inappropriate for Carnival? Let us know in the comments.

 Kaci Fennell at Trinidad Carnival
Kaci Fennell at Trinidad Carnival

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Dwight Mcpherson
7 years ago

When I saw it ,I couldn’t believed,that she would have gone so low,looks like a lady of the night

James Boxall
7 years ago

Love it!

Delroy Byfield
7 years ago

Why all this stupid creticsym .unless you dident see the miss Universe contest,she is not nude, see what Victoria Secret model wears, or you should go on the beaches in Brasel,or Miami,,,,,,,,,,

Kay Kay
7 years ago

I honestly do not have a problem with Kaci’s outfit, its carnival, what was she to wear? If she should have done any thing differently in my humble opinion, i would change the outfit color.

Ikesha Kashe Spence
7 years ago

stupid set a people uno eva si people wear nothing betta guh a carnival

Douglas Bruce Gooden
7 years ago

Too much about nothing – wrong body type – no developed hipline.

Orlando D Nugent
7 years ago

Carnival is know for nudity.

Michanel Smith
7 years ago

now that they are old they wish to so call correct things they once lustfully entertain. they are just miserably angry that they are on their way out, it’s just a old age recoil, i know that that was not the most outrageous outfit there.

Simona Buckmaster
7 years ago

you stupid stupid people what the hell she should have worn a nuns outfit….SMH…..When she was on the worlds stage wasnt she naked then #doublestandardsatitsbest#

Dwight Mcpherson
7 years ago

So because carnival is known to be nude it’s ok ?

Helena Newman
7 years ago

I love this outfit tho….


[…] Source: Jablogz.com […]

Uninhibited Freedom
7 years ago

firstly, you people remember she was on stage in front of the whole world in less than that. secondly, its carnival and people wear LESS than that!! and hello, she is her OWN person, which one of oonuh contribute to her in any way, her choice to REPRESENT jamaica on the worlds stage was not any of oonuh choice or decision, it was hers. which one of you nuffies contributed to her upbring, education, health? EEH?!! you people just have nothing better to do than tear at other people and guh see wah OONUH have on! guh see fi oonuh… Read more »

Vanassa Carita Metzger

This is ridiculous. She’s more clothed here than she was in the swimwear section of the competition. Furthermore this is the tradition of carnival – glamorous, bold and demanding of attention. People just want something to criticize and talk about and it’s extremely petty. It was petty when persons accused Lisa Hanna of being inappropriate in a T-Shirt and a bikini at the BEACH, and it’s petty now.

Waynie Waynie
7 years ago

Its a costume and its carnival. They wear bikini at the Ms. Miss Universe Contest. Unuh need to get over unuh damn selves and had that stick surgically removed from unuh ass.

Kirk Campbell
7 years ago

Any man don’t love this need to go back to the deep blue.some people just talk without thinking. Is this the same young lady a few weeks ago was on international TV in swimsuit representing Jamaica. Look we need no fish commenting on this hotie..straight…

Cheddi Ranks
7 years ago

What’s wrong with what she’s wearing it’s carnival people live a little ……

Leasa Parker
7 years ago

If she can wear a two piece on stage for miss universe while millions of people are watching what is so wrong if she’s at the carnival when it’s all about your costume. .

Corrie Bright Angel Campbell

yuh talking bout low the girl is young, hot cute n sexy stop pay attention to people business and mine yuh own thats y sum a unnu life caan better watch n chat to much kmft

Nichole Henry
7 years ago

i love the outfit

Shadine Brown
7 years ago

All the people who has negative comments about her outfit needs to find something better to do with your free time because what you are saying is bullshit. Yes, everyone is free to speak and have their own opinions but some of the things you say just makes no sense and some people are forced to think you are illiterate. I wonder why no one had anything to say when she was representing our country in the miss universe competition, half naked before the entire world. No, you never had anything to say because she was “representing our country”. Let… Read more »

Danielle Valentine
7 years ago

So just because its carnival it’s ok? But if it were for dancehall it would have been bashed. Smh. She does look good though

Minx Billings
7 years ago

Its carnival for heaven’s sake. I just hate the outfit!!!!

Kerry Kerry
7 years ago

She looks gorgeous and very appropriate.

Kraig Mitchell
7 years ago

She did wear a swim suit at the contest so what’s the big deal. It’s carnival. So this means she must wear a jeans pants to the beach

Aubin Garfield Dunkley

She looks okay to me, goddamn why are people so judgemental?

Duke Earle
7 years ago

All those that are criticizing Kaci needs to find something better to do, we complain about every thing, this lady is beautiful with a beautiful body wearing a beautiful outfit what is the problem, how many young Jamaican thinking and working hard to own their own house, these are the things that they should be more concern about than gossip about Kaci outfit, for your eyes only.

Santasha Neita
7 years ago

nothing is wrong with what she is wearing….its carnival!!!!!….its no different from what she was wearing in the Miss Universe Competition in front of billions of people….all those who saying that something is wrong with her outfit you all need to get a life….. she looks fabulous…. Go ahead and Shine Miss Jamaica…

Marlena Lloyd
7 years ago

Kmt I can bet is some fat ass people making comments about her outfit being inappropriate…What should she wear to carnival??…Yall need to hop off because the carnival outfits are more revealing than what she has on…The swimsuit she wore at Miss Universe was more revealing than this so yall need to STFU!!!!

Jahson Fiya
7 years ago

Why won’t you people get a life?? when Kaci was modeling in front of the world in her skimpy bikini nobody said anything. now she’s at carnival in something just as skimpy as what she wore in Mrs Universe and everybody making a huge fuss over it. Smh can’t please Jamaican People

Olumide Akinwumi
7 years ago

Looks like what I see those ratchet down town girls wear to their ghetto parties posted on youtube.

Pauline Burke
7 years ago

These people have too much spare time to waste ,Kaci work it girl

Deborah King
7 years ago

Hypocrites its carnival and she looks great

Pauline Burke
7 years ago

If she goes to the beach in a two piece is that low when are we going to stop acting like crab in a barrel ,and all a you people that’s is against her stop talk I Bet IF You People Open the Closest doors to your life the door would be very Hard to Closed .let live and embrace our fellow Country women and Men.

Candice George
7 years ago

It’s carnival!!!! That’s how people dress at carnival she is actually more clothed than most!!

Kasandra Royal
7 years ago

I don’t see what is wrong with what she is wearing. When she is on the stage she is in two pieces, panty and bra only that is more relieving than what she have on now. kmt. smh. It just might not look like carnival clothes but its not relieving than what she had on on stage.

Walters Ivor
7 years ago

Isn’t carnival about nakedness. I think she’s too dressed. I have no problem with it. I hope you guys realize that a lot of women go without underwear underneath them clothes now a days! She is an adult so she’s free to do as she please.

Christopher KruffTopher Larmond

You ppl are so dumb it hurts to read some of yall comments it is carnival n she dress more than appropriate. Can some of you ignorant Jamaicans be any dumber….smh!!

Suet DaPoet
7 years ago

it look a likkle go go fi true. not much of a carnival theme there. but still, di comments dem nuh affi suh hard

Roger Johnson
7 years ago

have no problem with that ,is carnival more to upset wen see her in clothes ,

Debby Scott
7 years ago

Kaci dressing is no different from the one that gave here the title miss universe, and i am sure you people were cheering for her that’s why she won … get your thoughts together people know what you really want to accept as standards and leave the people dem alone….

Lxrd Tevon
7 years ago

Some a y’all to get a god damn life and let people live gosh!!!! It’s carnival for crying out loud your suppose to look like that! hop off the girl and go get s new life becoz obviously y’all ain’t got any.

Fay Ramsay
7 years ago

Oh please. That looks like it is covering up more of her skin than the bikini she wore in the competition.

Dennis Allen
7 years ago

that is NORMAL monday wear. she should get a prize

Rachel S Gosine
7 years ago

She should have worn an evening dress and then allyuh would have been happy ent? She looks great… This is carnival and what she’s wearing is damn appropriate, she is not vulgar or nude. When in Rome do as the Romans do….

Cory Mills
7 years ago

That’s carnival attire we need to let go of certain of attitudes which have not helped the country make any progress.the lady enjoying herself and carnival let her be

Tshai Lee
7 years ago

im sure she is wear more material than some ppl at carnival what dem expect her to wear maxi dress di boot ugly but apart from that she dress fine

Dominick Brown
7 years ago

How does one dress for carnival? She should be in a dress perhaps? Ball gown seems appropriate, right? Every carnival I see, people are basically naked as they have on the equivalent of swim wear with feathers and or glitter. People who are complaining as far I see thus far, are some chubby people who can’t really wear certain things, no offense, or they’re old. Clearly they have not seen carnival in their their entire existence. A matter of fact, that’s alot of clothing for carnival.

Sandra Samuels
7 years ago

No wonder she didn’t win

Tanya Marie British Ramsay

Chicken back ,lmao