Jamaican Dad Excludes Daughter from Will for Having Child with a White Man

Rector Emanuel (Eric) Spence, a Jamaican man who disinherited  his daughter because she had a child for a white man must now be turning in his grave.

This after a Canadian judge made legal history by overturning his last will and testament because his deathbed pleas were ‘overtly racist’.

According to the National Post, Spence disowned his daughter after he discovered she was carrying the child and left $400,000 to another daughter he barely knew in the United Kingdom.

Court documents showed that the relationship between Mr. Spence and his daughter Verolin was excellent until 2002.


The relationship ended abruptly when Verolin informed her father that she was pregnant and the child’s father was Caucasian. 

Spence exclaimed that he was ashamed of Verolin and from that point onwards, the deceased restricted his communication with her … He would not allow a white man’s child in his house,”

The judge nullified the will claiming the motivations of the dead offended “public policy”.

Do you think it was right for the judge to do this? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: National Post

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