The Curse of the PNP

There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with people who can sit down and claim that the PNP is the best party for Jamaica.

When they say things like this it is evident that IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY is rampant in the country of wood and water. The PNP has had 18 years to govern JAMAICA, and in 2015 what do we have to show for it?

Hospitals with no beds, hospitals where patients have to provide simple things like gloves and containers to pee in,hospitals where patients have to wait THREE years before they can have MAJOR SURGERY done, hospitals where there are NO radiation machines, hospitals where people DIE in the waiting room.

Image Source: Youtube Channel - TeamPNP Jamaica
Image Source: Youtube Channel – TeamPNP Jamaica

When the Minister of National Security has to seek divine intervention to handle the situation of CRIME in the country, that alone is EVIDENCE that the PNP is a failure.


When the Minister of Health has to state that the only way he can handle the Chikungunya virus is to CATCH IT so that he knows how it feels, that is EVIDENCE that the PNP is a failure. 

When the Prime Minister can take TAX PAYERS’ money and do with it as she pleases, that is EVIDENCE that not only is the PNP is a failure.

The AUDACITY of those who serve this government to even say that JAMAICA is PNP country smacks of IRONY, as any well thinking person would be ASHAMED to say such things when Jamaica is the third most murderous country in the WORLD.

How they can BOAST about Jamaica being PNP country when even the DOLLAR has no value is BEYOND ME.

But this just goes to show the LEVEL of INTELLIGENCE among these people. Here they are making an ineffective figurehead into GOD, when said figurehead could ‘care less’ about them.

If all the years she served as MP for her CONSTITUENCY, and they did not even have proper bathroom facilities, then HOW IN GOD’S NAME could she run an ENTIRE COUNTRY?

Honestly anyone with a working BRAIN, should be ASHAMED to call themselves PNP.


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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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Grace Fraser-Francis
8 years ago


Keron Survivor Blessforlyphe

Amen..thanks for this article..xx

Itz Gio
8 years ago

Its evident, obvious and apparent that ignorance and illiteracy is what jamaica is! BOth the government and the people are the same thing and a thats why the country so phucked up and nah go ever get no better. God bless the few who know better and will do or try to do better, personally me nuh feel seh the decent citizens of jamaica belong in jamaica, we are the odd ones, we never did fe born a jamaica in the first place big man ting. Is like if yo nuh hostile and gwane like yo badder than and brawlin… Read more »

Maurice Beachan
8 years ago

Worst thing to me is the sliding of the dollars people think it’s good when they send a $100 of what ever currency from anywhere of out Jamaica and there families get $10000 or maybe more they think it’s good but people wake up that’s when you know it’s really bad

Berneta Layne
8 years ago

Am ashamed of the government of Jamaica especially the prime minister really thought she was going to help Jamaica people .she did not care for the poor .may her soul rest in hell