Speaking My Mind Again – The Healthcare System in Jamrock is a Disgrace

The Healthcare system in Jamrock is a Disgrace! 

Despite this, our POLITICIANS find the time to post on Instagram, take photos hugging up old ladies and kissing babies, show off dem sexy body inna swim wear,  while the DOCTORS, PATIENTS and NURSES are lamenting a situation that is seemingly falling on deaf ears.

The MINISTER OF HEALTH nuh ready yet and the Prime Minister is willing to keep him around based on the fact that he helped her to clean up her constituency. Now which part of this madness are the people not getting? How any well thinking Jamaican actually say THEY ARE PROUD of this government is beyond me!

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The Prime Minister is SILENT, and when she speaks you need serious help to DECIPHER what she is saying. Clearly the fact that she is even PRIME MINISTER is an INDICATION that many Jamaicans need serious help. The government will spend MILLIONS to ensure that those who visit Jamaica are treated like KINGS and QUEENS, (Because as INDEPENDENT as we claim to be, without the FOREIGN MONEY, we are dead in the water).


Yet, they are failing the CITIZENS of Jamaica in one of the main areas needed for SURVIVAL in a THIRD WORLD Country. That of HEALTH CARE. News this morning said that many family planning centres do not even have BIRTH CONTROL to offer to people who need it, and they are being sent else where to get it. If they do NOT have the bus fare or mode of transportation to get to THAT OTHER PLACE, ( and we know dem not going to stop having sex), we will definitely witness an INCREASE in people having kids they cannot afford to maintain, all because CONDOMS and PILLS are NOT AVAILABLE.

Not to mention the possible increase in STD’s. Basic equipment necessary to do tests that can save lives, are NOT available in many of the PUBLIC HOSPITALS, and if you DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY to pay up front to get the test(s) done by a PRIVATE FACILITY, you will either sit in the waiting room and DIE, or if you are lucky enough you will get a BED.

So what is going to happen when these nurses and doctors decide to LEAVE the NASTINESS, and go to places where they can do their work unhindered? Those who run things in JAMROCK obviously do not care.

GOD help a JAMAICAN that needs an AMBULANCE to get to the hospital. Imagine being told you have CANCER, but you need to BUY the needle to do the BIOPSY. Imagine being pregnant and being told by a hospital YOU have to supply your own CONTAINER for a URINE SAMPLE. Imagine being told to BRING YOUR OWN GLOVES because the HOSPITALS do not have any. Imagine being told you need to wait THREE YEARS to have life saving SURGERY! And in all this people are shouting JLP and PNP? Really?

I keep shaking my head at the ignorance of it all.

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