Petition Posted on White House Website Requesting Mavado to Be Deported

An online petition to the United States president was recently created recently, requesting the deportation of the popular Jamaican entertainer Mavado from the country because of his past convictions.

According to The Star, the petition, which was created on Sunday, January 11, was posted on a section of the White House’s website called ‘We the People.’

It states: “Reggae artiste David Brooks is a non-citizen felon residing in the USA. He was convicted in May 2012 in Jamaica for serious assault … It is grossly unfair that undocumented immigrants with NO serious criminal records are deported daily while a convicted felon, such as Mavado, has carte blanche to live and work here.”

The petition was signed by ‘Concern US citizen’ Trudy A. Brown from Gapland, Maryland, in the United States.


The petition also included two links to stories that detailed how US State Department Law Enforcement Officer, David Rainsberger, admitted to accepting expensive gifts and back stage passes to concerts and events while stationed at the US Embassy in Kingston from an entertainer known as ‘D.B.’

‘We the People’ was created by the Obama administration to give Americans the opportunity to petition the administration’s policy experts. It states that the petitions must meet a quota of approximately 10,000 signatures for it to be reviewed by the officials in the administration and then an official response would be issued.

Mavado, who has reportedly been in the United States for over a year, is signed to American record producer DJ Khaled’s record label, We the Best.

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Source: The Star

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Lorenzo Denton
8 years ago

Movado better be careful & mine dem set him up like weh dem do Buju!

Christopher Uton James

Bitch…left fi bombo cloth man alone….is he bothering you.notice wat u said…..”his past crimes”that’s y hes working and doing the right thing…

Christopher Uton James

Why unu like to tear dung people…mind y’all business.unu too bad mind.

Davian Mairs
8 years ago

The artiste Baad mon ppl unu low the youth

Judith Brown-Hamilton
8 years ago

Hope you watch out for bad mind people bro, less they try to trap you

Hall-Ways D'aries High-Darrion

Smh… White peoples…

Stacy Taylor
8 years ago

In god movado puts is trust, life ,career . Plead is cause their lord fight against those who fight against him.

Natasha Reynolds
8 years ago

Really she concerned with Mavado and his PAST convictions. Gurl bye should be more concerned with terrorist than David people just want to complain for nothing

KD Campbell
8 years ago

The usa would have checked and know all that info already.leave the man alone.if terrorist can live in america.whats wrong with mavado…

Slama London
8 years ago

them bad mind the youth me wouldn’t wish bad fu no man

Love Goodluck
8 years ago

KmT! This is obviously a hater trying to miss his life up. Movado safe as long as he don’t violate in the US