Missing 14-yr-old’s Body Found in Garbage Bags

The body of 14-year-old Santoya Campbell was discovered stuffed in garbage bags under a bridge in Westmoreland yesterday.

According to the Observer, relatives said the grade eight student of Frome Technical High, did not arrive at school after leaving her home early in the morning.

Santoya’s body, police said, was found by a farmer under a bridge close to the school at approximately 2:30, Tuesday afternoon.

Two black garbage bags were reportedly used to cover the young lady’s body.


Santoya was last seen about 7:30 AM on Tuesday as she made her way to school.

Santoya Campbell - Image Source: loopjamaica.com
Santoya Campbell – Image Source: loopjamaica.com

Source: Jamaica Observer

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Laurel Johnson
8 years ago


Mary Moulton
8 years ago

so sad your kids are not save anywhere my condolence to the family’

Rosemarie Stewart
8 years ago

I just lost my son by gun he gets 22 shot in cousin cove so my heart goes out for you. My condolences to the family

Wendy Smith
8 years ago

Jesus Thou son of David have mercy!!!!! Crying, why these people so wicked!!!! RIP young lady, I’m so hurt….

Prettyface Babymoma Brown

what happen in jamaica

Debbie Ellis
8 years ago

May God help us!!

Alrick Mckenzie
8 years ago

So sad.

Babii-face Nika
8 years ago

oh ma god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people are so evil

Maria Fearon
8 years ago

sigh so sad….. :/

Kattyownaman Brwn
8 years ago

feeling so lost and helpless praying the lord will protect our children from those wicked and evil ppl who tends to prey on our children.sigh condolence to the greaving family

Joan Samuels
8 years ago

only God can help …….

Elizabeth Muir
8 years ago

so sad condolences to the family

Verona Leronah Gayle
7 years ago

Her mother should be lock up too and there should be know paroals for rat man