Popular Yankees pitcher ‘Freaks Out’ after missing his flight to Jamaica

The Land of wood and water is a prime vacation destination  for many around the world so it is easy to understand why someone would be disappointed if they missed their flight to our beautiful island.

According to TMZ “CC” Sabathia, a popular pitcher for the renowned baseball team The Yankees was quite perturbed after he missed his flight to Jamaica over the weekend.

Sabathia and eleven companions arrived to the Newark International Airport on Saturday morning where they discovered they were too late to board their flight.

Sources said, “CC started freaking out” on airline staff — and that’s when someone called the NY Port Authority for help according to the report.


Fortunately for Sabathia, this story has a happy ending.

Police officers helped to relax the NY Yankees pitcher and he was able to book a later flight for his entire party.

No arrests were made and the pitcher and his companions eventually made it to Jamaica to start their vacation.

Source: TMZ

baseball player pitcher Yankees angry after missing flight to Jamaica
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