Jamaican Hypocrisy

As a Jamaican residing in America I cannot help but notice the HYPOCRISY of many fellow Jamaicans living on FOREIGN SHORES.

They are quick to cry RACISM and get on the BAND WAGON in MERRY MACKA and other places, but tell them to give a VOICE to the INJUSTICE taking place in Jamaica, and these JAMAICAN-AMERICANS are noticeably SILENT.

I pose the question – If America is so racist and white police officers are going around just RANDOMLY SHOOTING BLACK MEN, why are so many BLACK JAMAICANS here in the USA and not back home in Jamaica where they do not have to deal with the racist cops?

Since the MICHAEL BROWN incident everybody  has an opinion about RACIST AMERICA, but when Mario Deane and so many others SUFFERED under the hands of the JAMAICAN POLICE officers, these same FOREIGN MOUTH PIECES had nothing to say.



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We do NOT have solutions on how to fix things in JAMROCK but we dare to SUGGEST that we have the MORAL AUTHORITY to talk about what happens in MERRY MACKA? SERIOUSLY?

I would then suggest that those who love to jump on the RACISM bandwagon and seem to have the answers: Go home and IMPLEMENT some of those same SOLUTIONS in Jamaica where the BLACK POLICE OFFICERS are using the BLACK JAMAICANS for target practice and where many of these same police are far worse than the CRIMINALS themselves.

Why waste time in RACIST MERRY MACKA when you all could be doing something POSITIVE in JAMROCK?

Tell many of those running their MOUTHS to actually STAND UP FOR SOMETHING or actually DO something to make a DIFFERENCE and you will be able to hear a pin drop.

They just have to be on the bandwagon because by GOD it makes them feel good about themselves.



Michelle Bradshaw

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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