Gunshots fired at Councillor for the Papine Divison

According to Loop News, shots were fired in the direction of councillor for the Papine Divison, Venesha Phillips, at around 11:15 am on Wednesday.

Phillips was on the University Road surveying a sidewalk expansion project in the area, when the shots were fired. The expansion is being done to accomodate disabled persons.

Speaking with Loop News, Phillips said the shots were fired at her. The shooting incident is said to be stemming from a dispute over allocation of work.

“What I know is that there were persons from Elleston Flats that were angry that JLP persons were put on the job. While I am not running the work, I do have influence… and I don’t politicise work,” Phillips said.


She said, while in discussion around the same issue with persons on the work site on Wednesday, shots were fired in her direction.

“While I was speaking to them, the shots were fired,” she said.

Phillips said, however, she remains undettered by the “criminal elements”.

“It is annoyance and anger more than fear,” Phillips said about her emotional state at the moment. “I refuse any criminal elements to deter me from doing my job.”

gunmen shoot at councillor Venesha Phillips
Image Source: Facebook

Source: Loop Jamaica

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