The Ignorance of my People

So a photo of Jah Vinci, a Jamaican singer is being circulated on SOCIAL MEDIA of him kissing his daughter on her lips, and all manner of assertions are being drawn by people who have no clue, and allow SOCIETY to DICTATE to them HOW THEY SHOULD SHOW LOVE AND AFFECTION TO THEIR KIDS.

What bothers me is the hypocrisy of many of us women who never fail to call out the DEAD BEAT FATHERS, yet when one is affectionate towards his child, suddenly he becomes a pervert.

As far as I am concerned a parent’s love is UNCONDITIONAL and does not require society’s laws or dictation. These days there are so many IDIOTS who write books and thesis on how to be a good parent, yet half of those people need to be ADMITTED and CERTIFIED because in all honesty,THEY HAVE NO CLUE.

anything wrong with Jah Vinvci kissing daughter on lips picture
Jah Vinci kissing daughter – Image Source:

Society has become so wrapped up in what others think, that if you hold your children too tight, you are being accused of being ABUSIVE. The sad reality as a result of this MADNESS is that many parents are now afraid to even show their kids love and affection less they be deemed PERVERTS by those with no clue.


My mother once told me, that no matter what age I was, I was always going to be her child, much to the point that there were times even as an adult when I needed the solace and comfort of my mother, that I would find myself in her bed, where I felt safe and protected.

God forbid that anyone would even dare to suggest anything else and let me hear about it, as I would most certainly let that person feel the wrath of my left hand.
I can guarantee if half of the kids being medicated these days for ADD and God knows what else were getting LOVE and AFFECTION form their parents, they would not have any issues. But as always SOCIETY is making fools of many of us and we buy and feed into it.

There is NO BOOK or PERSON that has the MONOPOLY on how to be a GOOD PARENT. That is something that comes from within, so one can read all the books on parenting, if the basic instinct to LOVE and CHERISH your offspring is not there, it makes no sense.

Gone are the days when parents were allowed to simply LOVE their kids and not worry about what anyone had to say. Now parents have to look over their shoulders, lest the word PERVERT be thrown at them.

The Picture of JAH VINCI kissing his young daughter, is a picture that shows the love of a FATHER, nothing else, and anyone who chooses to see anything other than that, needs to see a THERAPIST as clearly they have ISSUES.

Parents LOVE your kids, and do not allow society to tell you how much you can or cannot love them.

Life is short. The best memories of any child are those of the LOVE, COMFORT, and LAUGHTER they were able to share whit their PARENT/PARENTS.


I did not grow up with my dad, and we were more FRIENDS than we were father and daughter. PRIDE would not allow me to EMBRACE him as a DAUGHTER should, and he is no longer here for me to do that, and I have lots of REGRETS.

LIFE IS SHORT,and we need to make every minute count.

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