Speaking My Mind Again at the Ignorance of my People

Imagine the Prime Minister of Jamaica has the AUDACITY to actually state that a piece of Jamaica is actually PNP TERRITORY, and the followers actually agree?

I do not care how many persons from Westmoreland vote PNP or JLP, when any leader can openly state that a PIECE of any country belongs to them, CLEARLY something is wrong.

This is the dirty, nasty, politics that those who claim to care for all Jamaicans preach, and the people feed into it, and so the division continues about which party owns where, while the country goes to hell.

In a country where once again the hospitals are going down the drain, the roads need fixing, crime is on the rise, and IMPORTANT issues need SEVEN to TWENTY ONE DAYS before the PRIME Minister can address them, she has no problem declaring which pieces of the country belong to HER PARTY.

Westmoreland belongs to PNP
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and Dwayne Vaz – Photo: PHILLIP LEMONTE –

Clearly the country and it’s people are being led by a figure head with no clue.

Jamaica belongs to JAMAICANS. This breaking up of pieces belonging to the JLP or the PNP is a clear indication that BOTH PARTIES have failed the people and will continue to do so.

It is one thing when JOURNALISTS and others make those kind of declarations, but when the LEADERS do it, it sends a clear message that the only MOTIVATION they have is POWER, and not much else.

There is nothing in the constitution that says Jamaica should be divided, or that any POLITICIAN has the RIGHT to claim anywhere.

The constitution speaks to the RIGHTS afforded to ALL JAMAICANS, but I guess not too many of us  are even aware of what the constitution entails, so many continue to FEED these POLITICAL VAMPIRES while they continue to suck the blood.

There is something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with JAMAICANS if for over fifty years the best we can offer in terms of LEADERSHIP is someone who will willingly  SPOUT which part of the COUNTRY belongs to her party.

But then again if the people do not desire change or want better, then by God she has every right to say what she pleases in the name of keeping her throne while watching the MINIONS continue to worship at her feet.


Why on earth should she or her party be held accountable for anything?

She ‘RUN THINGS’ and we all better fall in a line or else.


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