Popular Jamaican theatre actor Chu Chu dies at 46

Many in the local theatre community are now saddened by the untimely death of popular roots play actor Cleve ‘Chu Chu’ Warren.

According to the Gleaner, the 46-year-old actor died late evening while undergoing treatment for an undetermined illness at the St Ann’s Bay Hospital.

Warren’s colleague and co-worker of 19 years Mytania Samuels of the comedic duo Kafinal and Sambo said Warren complained of feeling dizzy.

He was taken to the hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.


Earlier this year, Warren started his own production company called Laf Land Production, which released on DVD the play, Lan Saga.

Warren boasted over 20 years on-stage and was well known for playing the role of a feisty yet likeable woman called ‘Chu Chu’ in the roots play Passa Passa among a host of other popular Jamaican production.

how did Chu Chu die what killed Chu Chu Jamaica
‘Chu Chu Warren’ (centre) – Image Source: jamaica-gleaner.com

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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Devon Lawrence
8 years ago

rip chu chu u make me laugh a lot

Peter Johnson
8 years ago

that’s life here today …. and gone tomorrow.

Marie Evabless Grant
8 years ago


Princess Leila Jaggan
8 years ago

Rip Chu chu

Maddflex Antohny Stash

Rip mi boss chu chu

Claudine Bailey
8 years ago

RIP Chu Chu 🙁

Faideen Johnson
8 years ago

R I P your work as done sorry we have to let u go rip

Cassandra Richards
8 years ago

Rip sadly miss

Chehana Joseph
8 years ago

Jah know star the dawwg gone too soon but ah suh it guh.. R.I.P mi don

Brittney Frankson
8 years ago

awwwwww rest in paradise

Donna Evans
8 years ago

Rip, gone to soon

Kadeen Pitterman
8 years ago

R.I.P chu chu

Debra-Ann Robinson
8 years ago

Life is such a mystery….
He was so hilarious and full of life, rip chu chu…

Melvin Richards
8 years ago

A just Jah works….this a river we all have to cross….my condolences to the family, friends, and fans around the globe.

Sean Cardinalpoint Jarrett

Rest in peace chu chu

Bonne Vie Drenz Shake-ra

wow this is so sad RIP chu chu aka ghetto gal u will be truly missed

Shilo M Evans
8 years ago

Sad. RIP boss!

Omar Maro
8 years ago

R.i.p mi boss most evening mi left work mi go get a laugh wen mi watch u play

Felecia Harriott
8 years ago

Gone too soon, rest in peace bossy…you’ll defintley be missed

Cautiion Tweetii
8 years ago

rip chu chu

Pauline Bless Mckoy
8 years ago


Jackie Jones
8 years ago

R.I P chu chu u did a good job n make all Jamaican proud

Elon Reid
8 years ago

A so it go chu chu

Jameal Abdijabbar Birch Sheikh


Theresa Beagle
8 years ago

R.I.P. Chu Chu gone too soon you make me laugh till I cry sadly miss

Nekola Pitt
8 years ago


Marcia Israel
8 years ago

im so sad trust mi

Meca Flawless Hemmings

RIP Warren

Yonique Weir
8 years ago

May ur soul R.I.P

Qushan Duhaney
8 years ago

ebola RIP THO

Celia Goodaz
8 years ago

rip chu chu mi boss

Althea Gibson
8 years ago

RIP Chu Chu mi did like yuh play dem

Carol Austin
8 years ago

oh no

Davia Henry
8 years ago

R.I.P chu chu sorry we have to let you go ……gone but not forgotten …. R.I.P.mi friend chu chu.

Natasha Scott
8 years ago

it is so sad, R.I.P. chu chu we will all mis some gud laughs frm u.

Dainty Erica Slimaz
8 years ago

Cant believe dis all along me seh a lie did afi go luk it up me self. Smh R.I.P chu chu my condolences to every one feeling hurt n sad. Its real sad tho

Moveta Douglas
8 years ago

RIP! So sad, can’t believe it.

Natalie Dixon
8 years ago

I cant believe Cleve is no no longer with us…..I haven’t seen you in years……Sigh…..Just cant believe……didnt expect this…..RIP

Poochie Trust Watson
8 years ago

RIP yaah Chu Chu cuz yuh body dainty!!!!!!! LOL!!!! #evennowumakingmelaugh

Uron Burke
8 years ago

Walk good chu chu

Sharleen Cindy Lewis
8 years ago

R.I.P Chu Chu

Talis da Baddes
8 years ago


Daniella Brown
8 years ago

Was he the one that got transported at the UWI hospital last night around 7pm via helicopter?

Ladyb Bedward
8 years ago

RIP Chu- Chu

Tina Dixon
8 years ago

rip chu chu

Nickytameika Nicola Smith

Rip chu chu sadly miss

Opal Stephen
8 years ago

I love his comedy

Carine Blake
8 years ago

real sad right now ;( when you hear about hilarious persons chu chu is in the top five… sadly miss by all

Dell Parker
8 years ago

Ur miss but u will always b remembered u made us laugh over sea and local. Rip chu chu

Apple-berry Angel-eyes Niceness