Marley branded weed to be made available soon

We may see several new strains of marijuana emerging in the united states under the Julian Marley JUJU Royal Premium Marijuana brand name in a few months.

According to StreetInsider Julian Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley has teamed up with DNA Genetics, the industry’s leading developer of marijuana strains, to create high quality strains to serve medicinal and recreational users.

Drop Leaf and DNA Genetics are currently conducting research and development with certain origin seeds to produce their own signature Julian Marley strain for the Julian Marley JUJU Royal Premium Marijuana collection with hopes of making these strains available to dispensaries, caregivers, and worldwide where it is Legal.

Julian stated, “I am happy to speak out in favor of decriminalization and I salute Drop Leaf as a proud participant in the movement and struggle to make this natural super plant available for all who need it and it’s healing properties.” Julian went on to say that he is excited about the work of DNA Genetics’ development of Julian Marley JUJU ROYAL strains for Drop Leaf.


As views of marijuana have shifted in recent years in favor of the plant, more people are learning that it is one of the most powerful healing plants on earth. Many who support the legalization of marijuana have cited studies that have found this plant to suppress cancer, reduce blood pressure, treat glaucoma, alleviate pain, and even inhibit HIV.

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