Jamaican Citizens need Protection Too – Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Madam Prime Minister,

I have noticed that the new Police Commissioner Mr. Carl Williams has ASSURED the Chinese nationals in the country of my birth of which you are leader, that the police will be doing everything in their power to make sure that the Chinese business men and women in Down town Kingston have a CRIME FREE Christmas period.

So Madam LEADER, what kind of ASSURANCES are being made to the every day people of Jamaica who are being murdered and robbed every day?

Many by your government, and many by fellow Jamaicans wrecking havoc on the society?


Are you even AWARE madam that the number of MURDERS since the start of the year have far out passed the DAYS of the YEAR?

Not to mention those murdered in cold blood while in the protection of the police or by the police?

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I do not know if your Minister of National Security Mr. Bunting is even aware of what is going on himself, as most of his time seems to be spent asking for Divine Intervention, as if Jesus is suppose to wave a magic wand and ‘fix it’.

I understand that you might very well be out of your league. It is hard to fathom NHT money being used in the OUTAMENI FIASCO and to hear you, the LEADER of the country say you had NO CLUE about what was going on until you heard a bout it in the media.

That begs me to ask the question, can you please state the date and time exactly that you began to pay attention to the media as you have said you DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NEWS?

I am not trying to DRAW YOUR TONGUE, but do you not think that the CITIZENS of Jamaica whose votes you run after need the same reassurance from the top Police Officer in Jamaica that he is giving to the Chinese?

I know that you are NOT AFRAID OF NO BWOY, OR NO GAL, NO TIME NO WHERE, but please remember that while you have body guards to guard your very important body, that the rest of the country have to depend on the police to guard theirs.


I would therefore advise you Madam Prime Minister to have a very serious talk with your Top Cop and Minister of National Security,and let them know that the constitution states that ALL CITIZENS of Jamaica, (not just the Investors or the Chinese), are afforded the RIGHT to be PROTECTED BY THE STATE, and that these citizens deserve to have a CRIME FREE CHRISTMAS as well.

One more thing before I go, could you please see if you can lower the price of the IMPORTED CHICKEN BACK so that the Jamaicans who cannot afford the parts or the entire chicken, can at least have something to flour up and fry for their Christmas dinner as well?

And while you are at it can you please CALL THE CONTRACTOR and fix up the HOSPITALS so that in case anybody get RUNNING BELLY from eating too much of the PRICE CUT CHICKEN BACK they can at least wait to see a doctor in comfort.

Thank you mam.

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