Jamaican Author writes spritually thrilling book titled God’s Love Language

Jamaican author Waldon Wright has published a unique book that speaks comprehensively about God’s Love Language.

The book is a researched work that shows that God has a love language that is authentic and is exclusively His. He wants to use us in communicating our love to and for Him.  It is an easy to read, comprehensive, inspirational, thought provoking, redemptive and life saving presentation on a subject that has eternal consequences for everyone.

This inspirational read transcends human love languages. It sets out to show that your life can be changed for the better; and your past sins or crimes need not imprison you to a life of doom and gloom.

author of God's love Language
Author of God’s Love Language – Waldon Wright

The author credits divine inspiration for the idea to write this book.:


“The inspiration to write the book came as a result of an invitation from the communication director to speak at her church on the communication day one weekend on the topic: God’s Love Language. It was a topic that I never spoke on before. However, after doing the presentation, I noticed that when I made subsequent presentations and sermons, I was constantly making numerous references to it. This is because it was so appealing and profound. Then impressions repeatedly entered my mind to make the subject of God’s Love Language available to a wider audience and target group.”

There are numerous reasons why we believe this book is a MUST read. Here are a few:

  • It is easy to read and delves directly and comprehensively at the meat of the matter of what is “God’s Love Language.”
  • It discloses plots, decoys and apparent communication between the living and the dead.
  • It is mingled with fascination, as it not only outlines the reasons for the nagging problems of life: but it also provides answers and solutions that will startle readers.

This book is mingled with drama, intrigue and many surprises for the literary minded.

If you haven’t purchased this book already please feel free to support this Jamaican author by clicking HERE.

God's Love Language by Waldon Wright best Jamaican author

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