This Jamaican CEO is Young – Very Young!

He is not 16 years old yet but has already achieved more than what many people twice his age have in their lifetime.

Munro College student Jadan Johnson already holds a diploma in Business (Marketing) and the title of CEO.

Johnson is founder and CEO of online channel Vybz TV Jamaica and the Vybz Media Group, which was launched in 2009. He has a staff of 12.

He is a former student of the Greater Portmore Primary school in St Catherine and told us that he has always had a passion for the entertainment industry.


Jadan is also the international communications director for KiDzHuB; an international based media network for Youths.

The Jamaican Blogs™ managed to catch up with the young entrepreneur to ask him a few questions.

Jadan Johnson Jamaica's youngest CEO
Jadan at the Penn Relays 2014 hosting a livestream for KiDz HuB Media Network

Here is what he had to say:

How old are you Jadan?

I am 15 years old – I will be 16 on October 23rd .

Please tell us a little about your company.

Vybz Media is a 21st century Production, Public Relations and Marketing Firm. My team is a group of innovative and creative thinkers. We help brands to explore this global village and to communicate “Who they are” to the public . My company initially started as an online TV channel and I then created a magazine; I wanted to have a consistent brand so I formed the Vybz Media Group to home all of these subsidiaries and future ventures .


That’s incredible! How did you manage to become a CEO at such a tender age?

I wish I knew. Sometimes the moments feel surreal and I wonder if all of this is actually true – I still remember while everyone in my house was sleeping, I would stay up and broadcast on USTREAM. After a couple of weeks I launched an online TV station that was broadcasting Caribbean entertainment and I had thousands of views within days . It took sleepless nights but by the grace of god I made it here.

You have already achieved what many will not in their lifetime. What are some of your plans for the future?

My plan for the future is just to continue giving life my best and one day look back and say I lived , and the world can say I was here .

What advice would you give to other youngsters in Jamaica who are interested in starting their own business ventures?

Get out of your comfort zone and unlock your creativity. Commit yourself to your goals and seek mentorship. Seek someone to help guide you in the process. Prepare for the challenges ahead. One of the harsh realities of this world is that some of the persons you would expect to support you wont but as persons always say “Let your haters be your motivators” and last but not least , Ask God to guide you along the way .

This young man certainly has a bright future. The sky is his only limit. We hope his achievements will inspire more young Jamaicans to start ventures of their own.

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