Witness to Mario Deane’s fatal beating who escaped police custody turns himself in

According to a report by Irie FM, a witness to the death of Mario Deane, who escaped from a police lock up over a week ago, is now in the custody of the commission.

Assistant Commissioner of Indecom Hamish Campbell says 21-year-old Fahdean Ferguson, otherwise called ‘Tussain and Joshua’, a mechanic of Hampton, Spring Mount, in the parish, turned himself in to the commission yesterday (September 22)

In a release, Indecom says Mr. Ferguson has since been returned to the custody of the police and will be interviewed by the commission on matters relating to his absence from earlier custody.

Reports are that on Saturday, September 13, about 8:45 p.m., Ferguson, who was on charges of house breaking and burglary, was transported from the Barnett Street police station to participate in a video identification parade.


It is reported that while he was waiting in the holding area, to be transported back to the Barnett Street lock-up, he allegedly escaped through an unlocked window.

Left Mario Deane || Right Fahdean Ferguson
Left Mario Deane || Right Fahdean Ferguson

Source: Irie FM

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