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I am not familiar with the details of Foota Hype and Ishawna’s relationship and what may have lead to the discontinuation of their union but what I gleaned from the media reports, interviews and online gossip sites compelled me to make the post below on my Facebook page to see how friends and other online associates would respond to this notion. 

“You see this Ishawna and Foota Hype Scenario is a classic Jamaican relationship theme. Foota gave Ishawna his all because she is a ten for him but in reality Foota is just a stepping stone for her. He is probably a six in her eyes that treats her right. So she stays with him while scouting for an upgrade. The naked truth is that if someone thinks you are a ten, they will go above and beyond to be with you. But when the person whom you regard as your ten, thinks that you are a five, often times he/she could not care less about you. Foota might think he is a good man but Ishawna thinks she deserves better.”  Foota Hype admitted on Onstage that he cheats on his partner and in my estimation is more upset that she bruised his ego than anything else.”

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The men on my list were genuinely upset, overlooking the fact that rumors claimed Foota abused Ishawna. Some males contend that women are “crasses” for a girl will leave a man who will give her the world for a man who couldn’t care less if she ” nyam”. They insisted that Ishawna had done the most heinous crime and she did not love the man to begin with. But isn’t it trite for someone to chase, hunt and commit to a partner whom they know does not love them but are more interested in their financial status or whatever fringe benefits and opportunities they might offer?

We cannot blame a woman (man) for being ambitious and after all every one uses their talents to get what they want, some people use their looks and that is fair enough. Many of the men on my list would gladly marry a woman knowing she was only with them for financial gain because they are more interested in ownership than affection. 


(Video: On Stage TV) A young woman replied in caps. ” What him a gwaan so fah? He and her were in a relationship and plus she give him a child. If she never rate him she wouldn’t breed for him. Look how much woman nyam out man and them no get nothing. He got a child so him must keep himself quiet. Him think him coulda keep her with him selecta money”

I laughed at that one and the men tore her to pieces for such a candid comment. It is a risk that people with money and leverage take to invest effort, resources and time in a person, hoping that their gestures would make this person love them.  It is commonplace for men to buy a woman’s affection by being kind, supportive and supplementing her economical situation in exchange for a commitment. This has been happening from the beginning of time. Men have always offered wealth and opportunities in exchange for the most beautiful woman in the room.  I am not bashing anyone who wants the most attractive partner. It is only fair that if you worked hard for your money and you have a comfortable life that you would want a partner to reflect your position. 

I’ve heard  men say that they would never send a girl to school for fear that she would consider herself above him and leave him for someone who is on her level. A youngster stated. ” It is unfair for me to take you up as a nobody and build you up and then you run off with somebody who would not even look pon you when you were a nobody. Some women stupid!”

One lady wrote. ” Ishawna never love him. She just did a work with the hype” .  

Her response had me thinking are relationships really formed on a notion of emotional equity? Do people share the same level of affection when they go into a union? I am of the opinion that one person often loves more than the other. Whenever we settle, there is often some form of settling for. Someone wins and another surrenders. True love does exist but love is manifested through affection and willingness to remain committed to each other after external forces threatens to dismantle the union. 

People form unions for different reasons, personal agendas and hidden objectives. Our relationships must complement our lives, we simply need to be more realistic about how we go about selecting a partner. You have limited control over another person’s feelings, you might try to influence it but how they react to you, is exclusively their choice. I do know that Foota Hype and Ishawna must have reached their breaking point, if after nine years and a child they called it quits.

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Crystal Evans was born in Westmoreland Jamaica. She is the author of several books centered on her experiences growing up in rural Jamaica and the Jamaican cultural nucleus. She is a voracious reader.

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