11-yr-old Primary School Student allegedly attacked with Cutting Tool by Classmate

The Jamaican Blogs™ has received a very disturbing report involving a vicious attack on an eleven year old primary school student by a classmate.

Read the report below:

Eleven Year Old Shavoy Taylor was in class on Thursday Afternoon (September 4) when a classmate asked him to help him with the Mathematics Lesson and Shavoy said “No”.

The classmate became outraged and threatened Shavoy saying “Wait until a go home time. Watch fe me and you”. Shavoy and some of his friends had also been teasing the boy.


Shavoy claims that he did not feel when he got the cut in his face.

He said the student made a quick flash around him and he assumed that he hit him in the face until he felt something running down his face.

He touched it and saw blood. Children started screaming and other boys chased the classmate who managed to escape when an adult held him, scraping his machete on the ground to prevent the boys from holding him because he was not knowledgeable of what the boy had done.

11 year old primarty student cut in face by Damaine Mckintosh with Machete cutlass Jamaica
Eleven year old Shavoy Taylor

The adult claimed that he thought they were “ganging” him for a “beaten”.

The student who wielded the cutting tool has since disappeared and his family members do not know his whereabouts. The guardian who is a cousin of the child claims that they do not know where his parents reside and that the child was sent to him because he had attacked a child at another school and they expelled him.

When Shavoy’s mother Sherika Jackson, contacted the Grange Hill Police Station, they appeared disinterested in the case. The Grange Hill Primary School administrative staff claims that they are unable to find records of the child including passport pictures.

This is a gross state of negligence by the school. Students claim that the little boy beat another little girl the day before and the teacher did not report it as the Principal has no knowledge of the incident.


The Security Guards are supposed to search the children before they enter the school. Sherika Jackson wants to know how the child came to school with a weapon and why his family are unable to find him so that they can resolve this issue. She is concerned about the scar in his face. He will be considered a “bad man” with that scar and she wonders who will hire him with a cut like that in his face.

Her children are not violent and it hurts her to know that someone gave her son a hideous scar in his face.

She is asking the media for assistance in locating the little boy.

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