Jamaican Attorney one of two candidates to head one of the highest courts in Florida!

Many Jamaicans continue to ‘achieve big’ in various disciplines across the globe and as usual we take pleasure in highlighting  them whenever we can.

It would be an understatement to say this Jamaican had it rough as a child.

Despite being orphaned at the tender age of five, he has overcome adversity to become a prominent lawyer and is very close to achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a judge.

As a child growing up in post-colonial Jamaica, Orley Burey was fascinated by the principles of right and wrong and the concept of fair play. He recalls paying particularly keen attention to not only school-yard squabbles, but also to Bible stories at Sabbath School and daily home devotion about Old Testament judges who ruled with wisdom, fairness and integrity. Young Orley made a vow that someday, he too would be a judge.


No surprisingly, Prosecutor and Defense Attorney, Orley B. Burey, Esq., is on the cusp of living that dream. A member of the Orange County Bar Association in Central Florida, USA, Burey is one of two candidates seeking the position of judge of one of the highest courts in Florida, the Ninth Judicial Circuit, representing Orange and Osceola Counties. Not bad for a little boy from St Ann, who was orphaned at age five and who started life again when he was adopted by a loving Christian family in Manchester who invested in his total education. He has high praises for his adopted parents, Lindon and Daphney Daley, who took a shy little boy into their home and nurtured him, giving him the best they could afford and instilling in him a knowledge of and love for God.

Jamaican Orley Burley candidate judge ninth judicial court Florida
Photo credit – Orlando Sentinel

Orley Burey grew up in Newport and Waltham in Manchester, where he attended Bethabara Primary and All Age School, West Indies College High School and West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University). His home was one where rules and regulations were quite simple. A child should go to church regularly, speak the truth at all times; work honestly and diligently to make a good life for your family.

“I was blessed to be placed in a loving family where the foundation of my sound Christian principles, discipline and values were formed. This strong religious environment and the practices of commitment and duty empowered me to believe in myself, my family and my God and helped me to overcome adversity,” said the proud Jamaican immigrant who lists ackee and saltfish and potato pudding as his favourite food.

 Like a lot of Caribbean people, Orley Burey also had a vision of a better life which could be achieved through ‘the American Dream’ and this led him to migrate to the United States where he continued schooling at Mercy College,(Bachelor of Science) and then moved on to Barry University, where he obtained a Juris Doctorate (JD) Degree from the School of Law.

A dedicated father of three sons, Jonathon 26, Phillip 24 and Preston who is 6 years old, Orley Burey is lovingly supported by his wife Stacy who is a Registered Nurse and a dedicated church elder. Burey’s only fear is God Almighty and his firm belief is: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and there is power in Prayer. “
Burey, whose favourite singer was always Bob Marley, and now also Tessanne Chin, notes that his first choice for vacation with his wife and children, is Ocho Rios, in his birth parish of St. Ann. For Jamaica’s youth, Orley Burey shares the same advice he was given as a child. “Work hard. Live honestly. Fear God.”
See his interview for the position below:

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