Severe drought causes food shortage in Jamaica

One of the hottest summers in history has also brought a severe drought to Jamaica.

The lack of rainfall has resulted in numerous bush fires, increased instances of water theft and has now led to a shortage of several food items on the island.

So bad is this drought that some persons are now calling Jamaica the “Land of Fire and Drought” instead of the Land of Wood and Water.

According to a report by RJR News, Jamaica’s Ministry of Agriculture has concluded an assessment, which confirms a shortage of several food items, including vegetables, due to the dry spell plaguing the island. 


Jamaica land of fire and drought - wood but no waterChecks were carried out by teams from the Ministry, following reports that farming areas have been hit hard by the sharp decline in rainfall.

In the report, Permanent Secretary in the Agriculture Ministry – Donovan Stanberry listed carrot, lettuce, tomato, onion and zucchini as some of the vegetables now in short supply.

The Agriculture Ministry is pursuing strategies to ease the impact of the dry spell on agricultural production.

This “drought mitigation strategy” is aimed, not only at “preserving and recovering the crops in drought stricken areas,” but also to expand production in areas across the country “which are getting adequate supply of rainfall,” Mr. Stanberry also stated.

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