Nevis Premier says NO to Alkaline performance

It is unfortunate that some of Jamaica’s most talented entertainers continue to miss out on lucrative money making ventures because they are deemed as a negative influence by many.

Alkaline becomes the latest Jamaican entertainer who may lose out on potential earnings for this reason. The popular entertainer has in recent times received backlash for his use of sexually explicit lyrics describing unorthodox sexual acts.

The premier of Nevis, Vance Amory, has made it blatantly clear that the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) is not in support of an upcoming performance by the entertainer on the island.

In a report by Caribbean News Now, the premier stated:


“Some two weeks ago,I voiced my serious objections to this artiste being allowed to perform here in Nevis and assumed that this matter had been put to rest having not heard anything further until yesterday,”.

Prime Minister of Nevis says no to alkaline performance negative influence artistFollowing a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, at which the matter was discussed, Amory said he sent a note to the commissioner of police indicating that he was not in support, nor was the Cabinet in support of this artiste being given permission to perform in Nevis.

“I can assure you that the NIA had not given any authority, any permission for this performance to take place as we had not been approached to deal with the matter of ticket sales and entertainment tax and so on for this function,” Amory explained.

He continued that, while the government cannot legislate for morality and for human behaviour, it is still necessary that the government takes a stand on matters that have the potential to further cause deterioration in the social environment.

In his letter to the commissioner of police on Wednesday, Amory asked that, if permission for Alkaline to perform in Nevis has been granted, it be revoked, as the NIA is not in favour of this performance taking place in Nevis.

“That is all that we can do and I am doing this in the best interest of all the people of Nevis and I think that we, as government, must stand up, stand up against things which we condemn, things which are not beneficial to our people, things which can create detriment to our young people — our impressionable young people — and things which we feel will not help to improve the environment in which we live, especially as we are contending and contesting with activities – criminal and anti-social behaviour.”

Source: Caribbean News Now

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