Time for Jamaicans to Wake Up!

The IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY that I have seen displayed by SOME of my fellow Jamaicans on Social Media tells me that we are going nowhere fast.

Many of us are so entrenched in the dirty politics of Jamaica, that we have even got to the point where we are willing to say WE HATE EACH OTHER because of POLITICAL AFFILIATION.

For years people have been KILLING people in Jamaica over politics, and here we are in 2015 still spewing the hared like a pack of fools, yet the IRONY is those at the head of both the JLP and the PNP will sit, eat and laugh together, and DISREGARD the little IDIOTS who put their lives on the line to DEFEND CORRUPTION and DIVISION.

I thought we were all BORN JAMAICANS. I was not aware that there were birth certificates saying BORN LABOURITE or BORN COMRED, yet here we are willing to lay down our lives over POLITICS.

Both the JLP and the PNP have been instrumental in the DESTRUCTION of JAMAICA, from the building of garrison communities, to the handing out of guns and ammunition.



Jamaicans fight JLP vs PNPWe talk about being PROUD JAMAICANS, yet sit and watch those whom we have given the banner to lead, SELL, LEASE, TRAMPLE, MISUSE, ABUSE, RAPE Jamaica, and we say or do nothing because A FI WE PARTY A RUN TINGS.

Each election we run crying SHOWER and POWER, and yet in 2014 with all the SHOWER and the POWER, Jamaica owns NOTHING.

There are no jobs! Healthcare is a joke, schools have become battlefields, JPS is a fraud, Water Commission is no better, and all we can do is level words of HATE towards each other? 

How SAD!

And then we have the AUDACITY to turn around and blame SLAVERY or the WHITE MAN? If after over 50 years of INDEPENDENCE all we have to show are cane fields going to waste, everything on the north-coast  priced in US DOLLAS, the JAMAICAN DOLLA having NO value, and so on and so forth, then it is very clear we are a people lost indeed.

Notice that when those at the top have HEALTH ISSUES how quickly they fly to Miami or new York? While many Jamaicans DIE, right there in Hospital waiting rooms waiting to see a DOCTOR!


Not to mention the many hospitals that do not have the necessary equipment needed to save lives?

WE the PEOPLE should not be sending signals of HATRED to each other.

The Prime Minister, The Leader of the Opposition , and all the others at the top are the ones RESPONSIBLE with our help of course, in bringing us to where we are today.

Once again I say WAKE UP, do not spend your time HATING each other because of POLITICAL AFFILIATION. Go and READ your CONSTITUTION, understand WHY you VOTE, and WHAT your VOTE means.

STOP KILLING and HURTING each other in the name of POLITICAL AFFILIATION. You all have the POWER in your hands to make the necessary CHANGES, and you are NOT even aware of it.


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