Featured Artiste – Tbankzz

We take pride in shining a spotlight on talented, upcoming Jamaican artistes from time to time.

In this feature we will introduce you to Jovan Grant, a young star in the marking who currently goes  by the name Tbankzz.

Tbankzz grew up is the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica between Llandovery Mountain and Mount Zion.

Growing up in Jamaica was rough.  He was raised by a single mother in a household of five.


With four brothers and one sister, TBankzz was forced to find his own way. Influenced by music from his older brother Legendary G, one morning he awoke up to a ‘riddim’ that his brother was playing and started rhyming.

Instantly, he knew this is what he wanted to do. This artise has a good heart too. He sees himself opening a place for less fortunate kids in Jamaica to help them with school and show them that there is more to life then what they see in the streets.

TBankzz Jamaican artiste - Jamaican best new artistesHe also recognizes the vital role that education plays in achieving goals. One of his greatest inspirations is the legendary Bob Marley. He admires his style of music and the way he inspired people with his words and one day he hopes to do the same.

TBankzz is a calm, collected individual who always keeps his eyes on the prize and stays focused. He is very humble, down to earth and easy to approach.

The talented artiste  has nothing but love in his heart for his fans, co-workers and family. He shies away from negativity and embraces positive vibes.

TBankzz is different from other artists because he’s dynamic. He doesn’t follow trends, he sets his own rules and when he steps out, everything affi rinse.

Check out the conscious and catchy lyrics in his song titled “Sexually Active” below:


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