The Injustice Being Done to Brendan Bain

unfair treatment to professor Brendan Bain gays like to bully peopleHYPOCRISY at the highest level.

Day after day we hear about children being raped, being abused, parents turning them into young prostitutes etc, yet you hear nothing from people like Carolyn Gomes about what to do to help assist these children.

Yet here is a man BRENDAN BAIN who has DEDICATED his LIFE to the cause of fighting HIV/AIDS, assisting those affected and infected by the disease; A man who because of his KNOWLEDGE on the subject, was ASKED to submit his findings, and yet when he DARED to do so was FIRED because he dared to SPEAK THE TRUTH.

Where was Carolyn Gomes back in the days when Professor Bain dedicated his time and energy to create the very first HEALTH CENTER for People living with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica?


Where was Carolyn Gomes when Patients were being treated like GARBAGE by MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS because they were diagnosed with HIV and told that they were going to die? Where was Carolyn Gomes and all the others shouting from their GAY RIGHTS PULPITS, when Brendan Bain with his COMPASSION and EXPERTISE was busy saving the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica?

Where was Carolyn Gomes and all the other loud mouths when Brendan Bain was busy drying tears and giving comfort to the families and friends of those who had lost a loved one to this dreaded disease? How very SAD is it that someone who has DEDICATED his life to the cause of helping others, must now be faced with this GRAVE INJUSTICE because he dared to SPEAK the truth?

When this Disease came to light in Jamaica, and was known as the GAY DISEASE, this man BRENDAN BAIN, said NO! IT IS A HUMAN DISEASE,and everyone affected still holds their HUMANITY and should not be treated any LESS than HUMAN.

And yet here we are today, FIGHTING on his behalf against this GRAVE INJUSTICE. How can GAY RIGHTS ADVOCATES ask for TOLERANCE, and have none for anyone who dares to march against the beat of their drums?

How can they expect ACCEPTANCE, when they are not willing to accept the views or opinions of anyone that goes against how THEY think or feel? People who do NOT CONDONE HOMOSEXUALITY for whatever reason, are labeled as HOMOPHOBES or HATERS,and that seems to be fine, but to utter ONE WORD that might DEMEAN the GAY COMMUNITY, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

It is very sad that the RIGHTS of one GROUP means that people now do NOT have the RIGHT to SPEAK if it is NOT within the LINES and BOUNDARIES deemed acceptable by the GAY COMMUNITY.

It is the RIGHT of every HUMAN BEING to decide where he or she fits in the spectrum of things,as the world is big enough for us all to CO-EXIST, however as long as people who seek EQUAL RIGHTS wish to trample on the RIGHTS OF OTHERS, all that will be established is HATRED, MISUNDERSTANDING AND CHAOS.


When a man as DEDICATED as BRENDAN BAIN is being treated this way, it sends a clear message that WE ARE ALL AT RISK! No one is EXEMPT.

What the GAY RIGHTS ADVOCATES need to understand is that the WORLD does not REVOLVE around them, the JUSTICE that they seek for themselves, they should not be so willing to take from others under the DISGUISE OF THEIR RIGHTS, AND THEIR RIGHTS ALONE, that in and of itself is BLATANT HYPOCRISY AND IGNORANCE.

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