Cornwall Regional Hospital doctor shot by armed robbers!

Staff at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) are still in shock after one of their colleagues was shot and wounded during a robbery at her home, in St. James on Friday evening (May 2). 

According to a report from Irie FM Dr. Tyghter arrived home at around 8:30 pm in Westgate Hills and was exiting her car, when she was pounced on by 2 armed men.

The robbers stole Dr. Tyghters bag and then shot her in the shoulder. The doctor sustained damage to her ribs and lungs.

The gunmen escaped after shooting at police, who challenged them.


Dr. Tyghter underwent emergency surgery last night and is said to be in critical but stable condition, at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at CRH, where she works.

Hospital staff are reportedly traumatised by the incident.

It is understood that the doctors at the hospital cried openly as they fervently attended to their colleague last night.

Its further understood that Dr. Tyghter, who works in the Intensive Care Unit, had just done an operation on a patient at Cornwall Regional Hospital, before heading home.

Within an hour, she was on the very same operating room table, being treated by her co-workers.

Some doctors reportedly expressed fear of going home last night following the shooting of Dr. Tyghter.

Dr. Debbie Tyghter Cornwall Regional Hospital Montego Bay shotThe doctors said they are fed up with the escalating crime situation in the area.


In the meantime, Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson has expressed sympathy for the family and colleagues of Dr. Tyghter.

In a statement this afternoon (May 3), Dr. Ferguson says the incident is a shock to the entire health team, especially the doctors who worked closely with her.

He says Dr. Tyghter has saved numerous lives during the course of her career and it was unfortunate that she was attacked by persons who may very well require her services in the future, or may even have already benefited.

Dr. Ferguson is urging well thinking Jamaicans to speak out against criminal elements in the society.

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