Who is Really The Problem: Old People or Young People?

A nation that stands for nothing, or stands for anything, is a nation doomed and destined for hell and destruction!

This is so because if you stand for nothing or anything, then you would not have been fighting against anything at all; thus allowing yourself to be a totally controlled Puppet, prone to all forms evil, immorality, corruption, slackness, and nastiness, in the name and objective of Survival, through Financial and Material Success. Is that the only purpose of the Human Race?? Puke!!

I am sick and tired of hearing careless and indiscipline grown young adults talking utter hogwash everyday that it is the Old People who are the problems and stumbling blocks to Jamaica’s success and prosperity! They push that sordid point on the basis that Old People are too rigid in the Principles, Morals, and Discipline that they believe in, which is crippling the ease at which Young People can enjoy and establish their Modern ways of Indiscipline, Corruption, Slackness, and Nastiness within society. These Young People try to justify their modern ways as having the ability to be flexible and easily adaptable to Change, in order to make it up the ladder of Financial and Material Success at all cost.

Based on my thirty-two years on Earth, I have realized, from I was a teenager, that our world is rapidly losing its Moral Fibre due to the infiltration of Modern Young People’s way of thinking and behaving; and this realization has caused me to embrace even more the ways and thinking of the Old People, and permanently divorce my young self from the sordid modern ways of Young People. A family member of mine went as far to tell me that human beings are like animals, whose main purpose is Survival; and ergo, one has to do whatever has to be done under that current circumstance in order to achieve that sole objective of Survival. That individual, and those in support, do not even know how dangerous and asinine such a statement is to the future development of our currently unruly and indiscipline young people.

young people vs old people to run the countryIn a previous posting  in which I wrote about students being locked out of high schools, I drove home the point that it is LUDICROUS AND DUMB for anyone to say that it is the school’s administrators who are responsible for any harm done to students OUTSIDE of the school’s perimeter fencing, even when those students are locked out for improper uniform or lateness; because of the simple Common and Sense fact that the purpose of a perimeter fence is to CLEARLY ESTABLISH the boundaries by which the owners or administrators have legal power of control and safety provision for those under their control. Ergo, who is responsible really responsible for the safety of students outside of the school’s compound? Is it the Parents? Or, is it the student? Any sensible and well educated individual would know that it could not be the parents who are responsible under that circumstance, because the parents would have already TRANSFERRED TEMPORARY RESPONSIBILITY to the student by giving that student his/her fare to take a Public Passenger vehicle on his/her own to school, and back home when the school’s session is completed. Hence, the student is the ONLY logical person who would be responsible for his/her safety (under the Temporary Transfer of Responsibility from parents or Guardians) while outside the school’s perimeter fencing!


Now, with that said, young individuals–including those in my family–continue to promote and push the point that Old People need to vacate offices of critical importance to the development of our children and country in order to make the way clear for Young People to step in and execute their modern ways of running those offices. In principle, nothing is wrong with giving Young People the opportunity of exercising their knowledge, skills, and competencies in those critical offices; but in order for that to happen, we will FIRST have to purge the sordid mindset of our Young People, and bring them back to the Old People ways of having Morals and Principles, and being willing and able to stand up for those Morals and Principles no matter what the circumstances may be. Sadly, this has never been the case with the majority of our Young People; and this sordid mindset of our Young People, makes us sick to even look at them, much more to employ them to sit in those critical offices that are currently occupied by Old People! Our current Young People will do ANY AND EVERYTHING just to ‘Eat a Food’ and gain Financial and/or Material wealth and prosperity. This results in them taking guns from persons with money to go kill their own community members and neighbours; taking handout from politicians during election to vote for a particular party, even if that party is the WORST choice for the country’s development and prosperity; and turning a blind eye to corruption and crime happening under their noses in order to keep their jobs and collect their pay cheque.

In closing, I would like to say to the world, unambiguously and without any form of rue, that ANYONE–including my family–whose main focus in life is to achieve Financial and Material Success at all cost, even if it means turning a blind eye to Corruption and Crime under his/her nose, is the biggest Corrupt, Immoral, and Unethical person to have ever roam planet Earth!! Also, persons with this kind of mentality, is by no means too far from becoming an active member of the Homosexual Fraternity, and the elite group of White Collar Criminals. How can you be pushing for Young People to replace all those Old People occupying critical offices when individuals such as yourself could not even spend five years in high school behaving as a child and abiding the school’s rules and dress code?? You people even go the extra mile during your high school years to spend valuable class time examining the rules with a fine tooth comb in order to find ALL the technicalities and loopholes that you can use against the school’s administrators for every rule and dress code you waste of a children decide to break! That is why I will forever say that students these days are NOT innocent or immature as many of you paint them to be, because these third generation of children know exactly how to use their heads in doing things of adult nature, such as having Sex, getting Pregnant, pursuing Badness, and circumventing ALL rules and regulations by using hidden technicalities and loopholes! Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

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