Jamaica’s Marvadene Anderson was the world’s tallest teenage girl!

She stands firmly at a towering 6 ft 11.5 inches. Prior to her 20th birthday, she was regarded as the world’s tallest teenage girl.  

She is originally from Prospect in the parish of Clarendon where she attended Edwin Allen Comprehensive High School and has also put her incredible height to very good use.  

She played in the Jamaican under 16 netball team and  subsequently travelled to the United States on a basketball scholarship to Rutgers Preparatory School in New Jersey.

She has also appeared on numerous TV shows including  The Learning Channel documentary The World’s Tallest Children, and even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


According to one interview she did a few years ago (then only 6ft 10 inches), she is expected to grow to at least 7ft 1 inch!

Check out the video of her below:

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