Amazing! How does this Jamaican lady take care of 32 kids?

This lady’s story is sure to touch your heart. God has certainly blessed some individuals with a strong spirit of compassion and empathy.

Annmarie Richards is a Jamaican woman who has raised 32 children, but not before she came from a broken home, in a struggling community herself. She experienced first-hand what it feels like to be a forgotten victim of Jamaica’s painful economic situation.

She has since devoted her life to finding homeless children, raising them as her own, and giving them new opportunities.

It’s her goal to take children off the streets and integrate them into school systems, giving them a foundation to build a wonderful life.


Annmarie has helped numerous people turn their lives around. She has provided a home to women stuck in prostitution circles, drug addicts, and others. She not only takes troubled people off the streets, but she also helps them thrive in society!

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