So Long Bunny Rugs

As we reflect and are saddened by Bunny Rug’s death, Jamaica needs to realize that we have lost a great singer. I said great because there are singers and there are ‘singers’.

My son almost every week admonished me that it is not the ability to sing that separates men from boys and makes some singers icons, rather it is their distinct voice.

That is why Bob Marley, Rihanna and others take the world center stage as icons.

The same can be said of Bunny Rugs. A distinct, strong and sweet voice, he sold Jamaica as a creator and producer of reggae music, especially in the late 70’s and eighties.


Now my respect for Rugs came not so much as the lead vocalist for Third World , a group which made me feel proud when approached by Welsh, Ghanaians, Swedes, Dutch, Portuguese, Pakistanis, Indians, Nigerians, and men from the Basque region of Spain while in Europe but that Rugs resonated with grass roots creators.

Rugs, before Third World was in the heart of Grass Roots making music for Lee Scratch Perry, joining forces with Marcia Griffiths , Gregory Isaacs and other veterans in the cultural space that is reggae.

Rug’s voice will always be with us.

Long live his soul.

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Winston Donald

My name is Winston Donald. I am currently completing a MA in Cultural Studies researching Street Art ( from a cultural studies perspective) I am Recruiting Officer and Enrollment Officer for University College of the Caribbean, New Kingston. I contribute to the Commonwealth Short StoryCompetition Columnist for the defunct Sunday Herald Newspaper Author on Marijuana : Export trade and Rural economics (manuscript being completed) Author on Rural Jamaican Cooking Creator of The Diaspora - Word Press blog Contributor to Sun Sentinel newspaper of South Florida Regular/Frequent contributor to the Gleaner and Observer newspaper

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