I am here reflecting on the Morant Bay Rebellion and its effect on the government of the day.

The rebellion toppled Governor Eyre and got him fired. During the incident, Eyre slaughtered over 400 people, savagely whipped hundreds more publicly–with the aid of THE MAROONS. YES THE MAROONS. Unpaid militia lynched brothers Paul and William Bogle along with a mulatto, George William Gordon—who was only a friend, connected by religion–not a participant.

People were hunted down and slaughtered like common dogs. The Bogles’ martyrdom began the implementation of Crown Colony rule, putting some social conscience in the oligarchy that ruled the island for centuries–even to this day.

Paul Bogle Morant Bay Rebellion Governor EyreIn a discrete way, I am also reflecting on the texture of people I see walking around in Jamaica today, totally oblivious of the struggles of our ancestors—our forefathers who made it possible for them to have a country. Now I hear of millions of dollars being shelled out for importing HAIR AND WIGS and I thought, rather than seeking to end White Supremacy, Blacks are desperately trying to improve their position under it. So why am I not amused that it is extremely difficult to find an authentic black person? When FOUND they would tell you HORROR stories of how they are being pressured about their aesthetics–by blacks.


While I can appreciate the liberty of image altering–wig wearing, skin bleaching etc–I literally get a nauseous feeling even imagining being close up with women in wigs and bleached skin. Delusional persons trying to get me to buy into their grandiose illusion of beauty. Persons in complete abandonment of self to perpetuate a sick lie that derived only from a deep-seated (subconscious) feeling of inferiority.

I note, the people of St Thomas and Haiti have one thing in common—whoever stood up will be marred for life— and so it seems. The images of these people have been tarnished perpetuated by our ignorance–and I am guilty.

Governor Eyre made sure he took the spine out of Jamaicans in 1865 through the public lynching of people. People who only wanted justice–which could be why present day Jamaicans keep asking the retarded question: “SUH WHEY ELSE WE FE DUH????”!!!

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