Is this Jamaica Land We Love?

Dear Jamaica,

I truly weep for you to see what you have become. Gone are the days of sunshine, blue mountains, white sandy beaches, and the island that was known as the GEM OF THE CARIBBEAN.

You have been WRECKED, RAPED, and VICTIMIZED by those who claimed that they had your best interests at heart. Your cane fields lay waste and bare. Your streets are filled with pot holes, while hungry dogs roam around looking for food. Your once beautiful cities have become SLUMS, From Fern Gully, to the blue mountains, to the Goat Islands. Your legacy has been tarnished and tattered, and no one cares.

From Port Royal to Rose Hall, your vast HISTORY is no more. Now when you are talked about it is with ANGER, TEARS, PAIN, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION and SADNESS.
You who once stood so tall and proud have now been reduced to a mere rubble, now known best as the KINGDOM OF MURDERS, and the HAVEN of DIRTY POLITICS and DIRTY POLITICIANS.


I remember well the days when you had RJR, JBC, a police force that was RESPECTED and LOVED. The days when kids were kids, and schools were not BATTLE FIELDS, the days of watching street dances where old and young would gather together, the days when your flag would be waved with pride, the days when we stood at attention when the ANTHEM was being played, the days when you were JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE.

respect for JamaicansIt was my greatest wish to return home to you, after spending years in a FOREIGN LAND because sad to say, those who were placed to lead, were not CAPABLE, and only saw it fit to sell you out to the highest bidder.

I miss your mountains, your blue skies, the faces of Jamaicans who were proud to say I AM A JAMAICAN.
I am still PROUD to be a JAMAICAN, But ASHAMED to see what they have done to you all in the name of POWER and POLITICS, your hospitals are deplorable, your schools are now WAR ZONES, your people are TIRED, AFRAID, ANGRY and FRUSTRATED.

My beautiful Jamaica, what will become of you? Where are your RIGHTS? Will the people that love you continue to sit by and allow those with the power to keep KICKING you while you are down, or will they rise up on your behalf, and say NO MORE?

I ache for you my HOMELAND, truly I do, and a million tears are just not enough.

Always and Forever
Your grieving child



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