Addressing the Water Supply Crisis in Districts of the Dry Harbour Mountain

An Open Letter to MP Keith Walford, MP South West St. Ann.

For forty years the folks of  your constituency have suffered immensely  from lack of potable water. There is hardly a constituency in Jamaica without the decent amenities of daily life such as water, yet  the constituency producing the most bauxite in  Jamaica has been  treated  with disregard for  so many years.

While we recognized that you are new at representational politics , we are pleading to you to deal with the matter  expeditiously on behalf of the people you represent.

The people of the districts of the Dry Harbour Mountain have been suffering for too long for water. Without water there can be no activity, no hygiene and no ability to produce.


The Dry Harbour Mountain is no doubt the region of Jamaica  contributing the  largest percentage to Jamaica’s  GDP.

It is sad that the previous members of parliaments, in particular , the JLP Neville Galimore has  demonstrated poor representation in the provision of  water to  the districts of the Dry Harbour Mountains such as Clarksonville, Aboukir, McKenzie, Cave Valley, Campbell’s Land, Fullerton Park, Cedar Valley.

safe drinking water JamaicaWith the dry season typical of January to April , we asked that every effort be made now after  half century of  independence to get our people reliable water supply.

We are cognizant that if it was not for the large diasporic presence remitting funds to the parish , the plight of the citizens would be worse.

We asked that you take the matter to the Ministry in charge of water, to the National Water Commission and relevant authorities to address the lingering problem.

As representative of the people we will hold you politically responsible because 50 years of poor water service is not one our parents, grandparents and relatives should continue to experience.

We look forward to your usual prompt response.


Yours  respectfully ,

Winston Donald

Representative – Clarksonville All Age Alumni

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