The Death Penalty Needs to be Utilised

Many are against the DEATH PENALTY, but where we are at this point however I SUGGEST THAT WE WAKE UP.

We cannot continue to ask for LENIENCY for those who have NONE, it is very clear that we are dealing with some SERIOUS MONSTERS, and unless DRASTIC ACTIONS are taken, we will continue to awaken to MURDER after MURDER every day.

Yes we have a JUSTICE SYSTEM that is seemingly INCOMPETENT, but when these MONSTERS are caught and it can be PROVEN that they are indeed GUILTY, WE have to send a message that there is a price to pay for their deeds.

I for one am not willing to have these scums live off of TAX PAYERS money.


I for one cannot have any COMPASSION or EMPATHY for anyone that can take the LIFE of another person without blinking an eye.

Maybe I am being EMOTIONAL here, but it is very hard to wake up every day to this.

Every single day and NOT be EMOTIONAL.

While I have lost close friends to this SCROOGE, thank GOD I have not felt the loss of a family member, and I do not need to wait until it hits HOME for me to understand what is going on.

When we have a society where people KNOW they can do as they please with no REPERCUSSION, the result is exactly what we are seeing today.
We can no longer just be VOICES that cry SHOWER and POWER whenever elections come around, we must now be VOICES crying for JUSTICE.

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