Taiwanese man who can’t swim Miraculously survives 60 hours in rough seas

God must have been on the side of this lucky man. The Taiwanese man, who cannot swim, miraculously survived after drifting in rough seas for 60 hours.

Tseng Lien-fa survived for 60 hrs in ocean rough seasTseng Lien-fa was in the process of catching baby eels on a beach in Hualien County early Friday when he was swept away by an unexpectedly large wave, the Japan Times reported.

The 42-year-old told the United Daily News that he managed to hold on as the first wave hit him on the chest, but was overwhelmed by the second and bigger wave.

According to reports Lien-fa managed to grab a floating wooden coffin cover to which he clung until early Sunday. There was no explanation of why the cover was present in the sea.


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