My Hat Please

I see you looking hard for a catch,

For some crumb you can snatch,

That I could be as good as I seem,


Could only be the stuff of dreams,

Schemes to try and topple me,

Hands tied yet you try to battle me,

Tackle me every chance you get,

Spilled blood leaves my shirt wet,

poem about a hatYet it’s not enough for you,

Soaked, but you’re still not thru,


Even knowing that I am dying,

Doesn’t stop you from trying,

Not content till the nail is driven,

Coffin shut and still unforgiven,

Living trapped by invisible bars,

No open wounds, visible scars,

I gave without expectations,

I was judged despite ramifications,

Now the innocent suffers as well,

Even my condemners are facing hell,


Yet no one seems to realize it yet,

Karma gives as good as it gets,

Setting traps that are meant for me,

May ensnare indiscriminately,

So though you labored on my pit,

I still may be too big to fit,

And walk away like I’m flying,

No longer looking back or trying,

To let you see my heart is warm,

Meant you well and never harm,


Swarms of envy, jealousy and greed,

I leave behind because I don’t need,

And won’t feed into your darkness,

So I am escaping all your heartless,

Attempts at making me feel pain,

But you will never see my tear stain,

Rain is a natural camouflage for that,

But I leave you now, *tipping my hat.* 

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