All through the years I have loved you,

Gave you Daffodils from my garden,

He gave you Roses from the store,

Carried your bag home from school,


He gave you rides in his dad’s Limo,

Shared my lunch with you each day,

He took you to dinner at Red Lobster,

I took you to the movies and popcorn,

He took you on the Red Carpet for Sting,

poem about Daffodils loveGave you my best Crackerjack ring,

He bought you a Cartier Diamond ring,


I Proposed while at the bowling alley,

He proposed at the Knicks game Jumbotron,

I worked hard at my Janitorial job

He lived off his million dollar inheritance,

I cried at your fancy expensive wedding,

He was absent in France with a starlet,

I swept up the pieces of your broken heart,

He lost the most wonderful wife in this life,

All through the years I have loved you.



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