Jamaican Man heroically steers gas tanker to safety before it explodes!

Tanker driver Dennis butler JamaicaOften times many of  the real heroes in the  world are over looked. Instead, our favourite entertainers get the praises while the persons deserving of praise are never recognized. 

Tanker driver Dennis Butler is one man who definitely deserves praises for his heroic deeds. He risked his life by steering a fuel tanker loaded with gasoline that had caught fire to a safer location and might have very well saved lives.

Based on reports by the Jamaica Observer the heroic driver steered the burning vehicle for about 200 metres away from a cluster of houses before jumping from the vehicle. It exploded into a ball of fire only moments later.

The blistering heat from the inferno forced many residents to flee  their homes. It also damaged sections of two homes, several electrical gasoline truck explode Jamaicatransformers, and more than 200 metres of the newly paved Mona Road in St Andrew.


I was driving along the roadway and I heard an explosion,” Dennis Butler, the 51-year-old driver of the tanker told the Jamaica Observer.

The Mark of a true hero!

According to the report: After realizing the vehicle was about to explode, his first instinct was to flee. However, he quickly decided to do the noble act and drove the tanker to a section of the road where he believed the impending explosion would cause less damage.

Let us give our true heroes the recognition they deserve.


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