Jamaican Bobsleigh team aiming to make a glorious comeback

Jamaican athletes are featured heavily in Olympic games. Names like Yohan “The Beast” Blake, Shelly Ann Faser Pryce, Usain “Lightning” Bolt rolled off the tongues of many during the most recent staging of the grand event.

Long before Jamaica’s meteoric rise in athletics, the island produced a team that mesmerized the world. But this was not a sprint team.

This was a bobsleigh team! A team from a tiny country, with limited resources and no snow had manged to qualify for bobsleigh in the Olympic games .

Their feat was so remarkable that it inspired the production of the world famous movie “Cool Runnings“.


Since that amazing achievement, a Jamaican team has not managed to replicate their successes.

The team qualified for the 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympics and then the 2002 Games in Utah, but it then faded, failing to qualify for the next two Games.

Winston Watt Bobsleigh team Jamaica lake PlacidAccording to Winston Watt who represented Jamaica in the Salt Lake City Games in 2002, things could be different this year.

“We’re in a good position for the Olympics. If the qualifications were announced today, Jamaica would be in.” Watt told Caribbean Journal.

Funding still remains a major problem for the team as according to Watt, he is funding most expenses out of his own pocket.

It truly would be an amazing feeling if our Jamaican Bobsleigh team makes a return to the Olympics! 🙂

(Winston Watt pictured right)


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Esteban Agosto Reid
9 years ago

How about some corporate sponsors stepping up to the plate ?

Esteban Agosto Reid
8 years ago

How about some corporate sponsors stepping up to the plate ?