How Yuh Fi Blame Di School Dem Fi Crime Mr. Thwaites ?

I swear that the MINISTER OF EDUCATION Ronnie Thwaites, needs some EDUCATION.

As a matter of fact this ENTIRE GOVT. needs some EDUCATION.  How can ANYONE with a BRAIN blame SCHOOLS for turning out CRIMINALS?

See yah a so so mad people a run tings a Jamaica eno.

So Parents do NOT have a RESPONSIBILITY again?


And when the schools have become WAR ZONES and this SAME MINISTRY does NOT take any steps to PROTECT the TEACHERS or the STUDENTS, and now have the AUDACITY to turn around and blame the SCHOOLS?

Mr Thwaites should be ashamed of HIMSELF to even UTTER something so IGNORANT.

Truth is the BLAME is on the PARENTS and the SOCIETY that many of you same POLITICIANS have helped to create, when you have a SOCIETY where anything and everything goes, and MORALITY and every thing else is being thrown out the window, all in the name of TOLERANCE, what do you expect?

Hon Rev Ronnie Ronald Thwaites minister of education Jamaica blame schools for criminalsWhen PEOPLE are having kids without even COMPREHENDING WHY, or if they can afford to have them, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

And you TURN around and then BLAME the SCHOOLS for that?

The Ministry of EDUCATION has done a great disservice to these schools mentioned, because basically what they are saying is that NOTHING GOOD CAN COME FROM THESE SCHOOLS, and sadly many of the schools mentioned are in the INNER CITIES and have long since being classified as NO GOOD SCHOOLS, or schools where only UNDERACHIEVERS go.

SHAME on you and your Ministry Mr. Twaites, as there are GOOD AND BAD in ALL schools.


As a matter of fact have you seen the BEHAVIOR of some of the STUDENTS from some of the HIGH CLASS TOP NOTCH SCHOOLS?

What YOU and YOUR MINISTRY have done is to further DIVIDE people based on UPPER CLASS and LOWER CLASS, instead of trying to FIX the PROBLEM, which both YOU and YOUR MINISTRY need to share the blame in.


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Marcus Garvey
7 years ago

Well said

Marcus Garvey
6 years ago

Well said