Homophobic Lyrics continue to hurt Jamaican Entertainers

Jamaican entertainers have failed to capitalize on numerous opportunities in the past due to their continued use of homophobic lyrics in their songs and performances.

Though the practice has decreased in recent times, some are still feeling the consequences for the use of anti gay lyrics. The most recent victim is none other than Sizzla Kalonji. 

The popular entertainer was recently removed from a show in the Netherlands after the promoters of the event discovered he had used homophobic lyrics during his performance at the recently concluded Sting concert.

As a result he will not be a part of the heavily publicized  Melkweg festival on March 16 in Amsterdam.


Sizzla Kalonji homphobic lyrics banned Melkweg festivalBased on reports from organizers they did not want to offer a stage to any artist who sings ‘very hurtful and hateful lyrics.’ Patrons who had purchased tickets to see Sizzla will be refunded.

There have been no comments from Sizzla since his removal from the festival.



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