Dancehall Artiste almost loses vision following in the footsteps of Alkaline

Dancehall Artiste Derick Walters famously known by his stage name  “Mace”, encountered complications which resulted in him almost losing his vision while having his eyeball tattooed.

Mace stated “I was fully aware of the consequences in getting this procedure done but never knew it could have happened to me.

In the months leading up to the procedure, Mace stated his desire to have the procedure done on  Facebook and twitter. He received many warnings which he ignored.

Dancehall artiste Mace eye tattoo loses vision AlkalineFollowing the incident, many concerned fans have left get well  messages on his Facebook page. The name of the tattoo artist has not yet been revealed as he is still in police custody undergoing interrogation.


According to one established physician, the chemical substance which is used to numb the eyes before getting the procedure done wasn’t fully applied on the area which was getting tattooed.

Maces final words to his fans before undergoing surgery were “I would be ok, just a little unstable and blurred vision. Keep me in your prayers”.

Below is a picture of the Dancehall Artiste Alkaline who he allegedly was imitating:

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Alkaline eyeball tattoo dangerous

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