‘Womanizer’ Pastor scares women from church!

According to a report from The Star:

A church in St Catherine  is losing many female members due to the pastor’s sexual behaviour practices.

According to the report  members have been finding alternative places to worship as the pastor is said to be spreading more than just the Holy words to his female flock.

This man is a very dangerous man, he pretends to preach righteousness, but just to get in the female clothes,” a disgruntled woman, who is a former member of the church, said.


pastor has sex with female membersSome church members, who chose to remain anonymous, described the pastor as a ‘real gallis’, who uses his position in the church to lure mostly young females to his congregation.

He likes to kiss, fondle and have sex with the female members. He even goes to meet their relatives and promise to give them all types of support,” another female member revealed.

“It is not only members he likes, but also other girl

Several efforts to speak with the pastor have proven futile. Calls to his cellular phones have also gone unanswered.

It is also understood that current members of the church are not happy with the pastor’s ‘fleshy’ behaviour.

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