Viral Photo of Vybz Kartel depicted as God Angers Many !

An image that is now being spread like wildfire online of dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel being depicted as God has angered many on various social media platforms.

The image shows  Kartel sitting high on a golden throne in the clouds. He is also holding what appears to be a staff in his right hand and has the ’empire’ sign formed with his left hand.


Vybz Kartel as God

The creator of the imaginative painting has been criticized of idolizing the artiste however the  the New Jersey-based artist with Jamaican roots, 27-year-old Kavion Robinson, told the popular newspaper THE STAR that the painting, which was done two years ago, is not about him worshipping Kartel, but instead about the artiste’s ego.

“The painting is about his ego and the image he was portraying to the world,” he said.


He also told THE STAR, “The painting is a recreation of ‘Ingres’s – Jupiter and Thetis’. It illustrates Jamaica’s media portrayal of Vybz Kartel as a larger than life figure in dancehall. They placed him on that throne and dancehall society at his feet and blamed him for the behaviour of youths.”

What are your thoughts on the painting?

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