Sean Paul by Oshaine “Sketch” Montaque

“I sketch because I love it and God gave me a talent in which I should not waste. It is just wonderful to see people amazed by my work. That brings joy to my heart and inspires me to continue”.

“I started sketching when I was in grade 8 at Pembroke Hall High School. Friends and family loved my work and always told me to keep doing what I do. To never give up on my dreams because one day I will make it big in life.”

Now 25, Montaque has accomplished much in popular culture. His artwork is promoted through the media especially in the music field. His sketches are found in music videos such as Konshens, Buss A Blank; RDX, Turn Your Swag Up; Ras Oneilly, Cry For Your Love; and West Pines Riddim Medley where G-Whizz has a sketch portrait on his T-shirt.

If you like my work please check out ways to contact me on my full profile HERE:



pictures of Sean Paul, what does Sean paul look like?

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